Working in partnership

The team at ihAg strive to support people living with the experience of homelessness. In addition, the aim is to raise awareness of how this impacts every aspect of their lives. 

We recognise we can not improve this situation alone and partnership working is the key to providing the wrap-around support people need during such a traumatic time.

Whether you are looking for resources for someone you support, a service to refer to or information to help you give the best support you can, ihAg is able to help.

We recognise discussing debt and financial worries can be hard, especially if the person you are talking to is struggling to admit their difficulties to themselves. 

If you’re working with someone who is struggling with finances, the Money Advice Service can help you.

Talk through your finances over a cup of coffee
Financial planning with a calculator and cakes

Why not provide a Money Advice training session to either your staff or the people in your care? Our expert advisers can offer on or offline seminars in the practical aspects of managing money.

Call 01473 213102 to discuss your individual requirements.

If you’re working with someone who is at risk of losing their home due to personal circumstances, unhealthy coping strategies or behaviour, we can help you support them. We provide advice on the Homeless Reduction Act, Local Authority duties and how to make a Homeless Application.

Please call the team at The Chapman Centre in the first instance.

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We believe in the strength of partnership working to support those in your care. We are happy to be involved in a meeting of professionals to help create support plans and will work with you to consider making a safeguarding referral if appropriate.

To find out how the team at The Chapman Centre can help you, please call 01473 232426 or enquire online here.

If someone is 'sofa surfing' in your home, living in their car or you are caring for someone you know is at risk of homelessness, we can help. Our outreach team regularly provide care packages and offer practical advice and solutions to individual circumstances.

Please call 01473 232426 to arrange an individual appointment to talk through what you need.

Homeless and living in a car
Homeless becomes home cutting paper

J was signposted to ihAg for supported accommodation after becoming homeless due to a long-term relationship breakdown. J had an addiction to prescribed medication and wanted to rebuild her life. She was offered a room and engaged in all support offered, paid her rent and is proactive in engaging with the other residents in the house.

With support from ihAg and other agencies, J continues to rebuild her life.

Our services are available to all who need them. Whether it’s financial advice or access to housing solutions, we are actively working to end homelessness in Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

During the pandemic, our services may change but our commitment to helping those in a challenging situation will remain. Please do not hesitate to contact our support teams, we can, and do, help people every day.