Frequently Asked Questions

For anyone at risk of losing their home, there are many questions. Sadly, we don't always have the answer. What we will do, is try to find you the people who can help when we can't. We will also stand by your side until you're ready to walk independently again.

Asking for help is a good place to start.


ihAg doesn’t have any emergency accommodation.

However, Ipswich Borough Council do provide emergency accommodation. You will need to call their Housing Options team and let them know you are homeless. They have an assessment process to decide who is eligible for accommodation.

The threat of losing a place to call home can be very overwhelming and having the support of good friends and family can make a huge difference to the person’s wellbeing. Help is available.

Although ihAg doesn’t have any emergency accommodation, we can support anyone to register as homeless with Ipswich Borough Council. They have an assessment process to decide who is eligible for accommodation and our team have a lot of experience in making the application.

In addition, we offer a free, impartial and confidential Debt and Money Management Service if the reason your friend or relative is at risk of losing their home is due to their mortgage or rent being in arrears.

We can help you register with Housing Options at Ipswich Borough Council if you are homeless, and can support you to register on the Housing Related Support scheme with Suffolk County Council.

We can also provide you with rental agencies if you are looking for private rented accommodation.

We manage 14 properties across Ipswich, providing shared accommodation for single people. Residents have their own lockable room, but need to share bathrooms and kitchens with the other residents – usually no more than three other people.

Find out more by visiting the housing page.

Unfortunately, our properties can only accommodate single people and we are not able to take pets.

Find out more by downloading the factsheet.

Our Debt and Money Management team are able to support you to maximise your income and can apply for grants on your behalf.

Call us for more information.

Our trained money advisers are able to support you in a number of different ways, including bankruptcy queries. They will work through your individual circumstances, in private, and will find the solution that's right for you. This might be bankruptcy, Debt Relief Order or simply rearranging your finances.

Unfortunately we are unable to help people move house.

All of our services are based at the Chapman Centre, our "Advice Hub" which is open 7-days a week offering support and advice for anyone with queries regarding losing a home, either via the telephone and face to face. The Centre also offers practical help such as a postal address service, showers, washing facilities and food parcels.

If you are looking for support please call us on 01473 232426

Ipswich Borough Council do have emergency accommodation and if he registers with them, they can assess if he is eligible. We can provide essential personal items and food parcels and The Chapman Centre can offer showers and a laundry service.

We also provide a free and confidential Debt and Money Management Service and the advisers should be able to support him with is finances.

Please call The Chapman Centre for more information.

Our advisers can apply to the HRS system on your behalf but we do need a lot of your personal information to do this. You may find it is quicker and easier to do this yourself.

Talk to our advisers to see what is best for you.