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Meet 'T'

When T became homeless, he decided to buy a boat and move around the coast. Unfortunately, he had to be rescued by the Lifeguard, and could not afford to pay his mooring fees. His boat was impounded and he became street homeless.

T engaged well with ihAg, and was offered accommodation. He has worked with the Money Advice team to manage his debt, and with encouragement has taken lessons to drive a fork lift truck. He secured his qualification just before the Covid-19 lockdown and is still actively looking for an employment opportunity.

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Meet 'J'

J was signposted to ihAg for supported accommodation after becoming homeless due to a long term relationship breakdown. J disclosed she was being supported by her GP with a drug addiction and was wanting to rebuild her life. J was offered a room, and engaged well. She talked about her addiction to a prescribed medication and, with the support of her GP, was beginning to feel more in control of her addicition. J was obviously committed to her own recovery—she engaged in all support offered, paid her rent, and was proactive in engaging with the other residents in the house.

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Meet 'A'

A approached the Money Advice Service for support with her mortgage arrears. She has 18 months left on her mortgage term, but due to a recent stroke, she had fallen behind on her payments, and the Mortgage Lender had written with threats to take action.

The Advisor was able to advocate on A’s behalf to prevent any further action being taken by the Mortgage provider until a grant was applied for relating directly to A’s arrears. With this grant in place, an appropriate and affordable repayment plan was agreed, which A felt able to meet. A continues to recover from the longer term effects from her stroke.

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Meet 'Y'

Y had been sleeping rough in the town following his release from prison. Our outreach workers spoke to him most mornings, but he would not engage. After several weeks, Y visited The Chapman Centre for Breakfast and a shower and then began to visit regularly. Having built trust with Y, he began to ask for more help, with his physical and mental wellbeing, his addiction, and finally a more permanent solution to his housing. With the support of ihAg and other agencies, Y is now living in his own flat and receiving the support he needs to maintain the tenancy.

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