Who we help

Meet 'J'

J had been given the address of the Centre by a local hotel, where they had been staying due to fear of violence at home. With little money and no idea what to do next, J attended the Centre, and over the course of several days, began to share their story.

Their physical and mental wellbeing was badly affected by their experience, and staff regularly offered breakfast, showers and a change of clothes. They were also seen by the Health outreach team. 

Visiitng the Centre everyday for six weeks, J was supported to make a Homeless Application, update their benefits claim, and feel comfortable. An offer of temporary accommodation was made, and J was supported to move in.

A week later, they attended the Centre, with a haircut, clean clothes, and a wide smile " You gave me warm meals, a safe space and company. You listened, really listened. You helped me get more than a home, you gave me back my hope, my happiness, and I look foward, one day at a time"

Meet 'F'

F came to Ipswich to stay with friends, having left a violent relationship. However this arrangement quickly broke down, and F used what money their had to fund a cheap local hotel room. They were supported to attend the Centre for advice on what to do next.

Staff supported F to make a homelessness application, and apply for emergency accommodation due to their age - 70 years old. This was not accepted, but an emergency grant was secured in order to fund a few more days at the local hotel to avoid the risks they would face rough-sleeping, whilst alternatives could be secured.

F was also connected with a specialist domestic abuse worker, to discuss the trauma they had experienced during their relationship.

By working together with local partners, ihAg staff secured short-term accommodation for F, and ongoing support.

Meet 'W'

W was referred to ihAg for accommodation having been sofa-surfing after a relationship breakdown. This had had a significant effect on their physical and mental wellbeing - they had an serious existing health condition, which became unmanageable due the amount of alcohol W was drinking.

W agreed to move into ihAg accommodation and take the support of staff to improve their general wellbeing.  They initially engaged well, but soon developed a pattern of becoming unwell and required a number of stays in hospital. When home, W also suffered a number of falls, which were concerning for everyone in the house.With the support of staff, it was agreed that ihAg could not fully support all of their needs, and an application was made for alternative accommodation.

Having been accepted for a sheltered accommodation space, it took several bids to secure a flat, which W has now moved to. With the support of a small grant, this has been furnished and personalised for W, who is extremely proud of the space now know as home.


Meet 'S'

S had used the Advice hub a few times during the week, but seemed to find the space busy and noisy - they often left before staff could speak to them. 

When S was found rough sleeping one morning, they were reminded that the Centre was also open on a Saturday morning, and this was usually a much quieter time. S came along to the Centre the following Saturday, and immediately settled better. They had a shower and some food, and engaged with staff about their circumstances. 

S has continued to use the service on a Saturday, and has managed to attend pre-arranged appointments with staff at quieter times during the week.