Who we help

Meet 'D'

D contacted the Advice Hub at the Chapman Centre, as she had been informed by the Job Centre that she needed a care of address for her post. After talking with staff, D revealed that she was sofa-surfing with various friends, as she had not long been released from prison. Staff suggested that D meet with our housing team to discuss accommodation needs, and she attended an appointment the following week. 

Because of D's needs, she was added to our accommodation list, and offered a space within a shared home shortly afterwards. She was also able to access her first Covid-19 vaccination at a session at the Chapman Centre.

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Meet 'W'

W had struggled to maintain long-term accommodation due to poor mental health, and secured a room with ihAg after several months of sofa-surfing. He was very open about his long-term health needs, and recognised that he did not always engage well with services.  With support from his keyworker W re-engaged with mental health services, and registered with a local GP.

After three months, W started to make a list of personal goals, and how he could achieve these. This included reconnecting with a family member and investing time in his own wellbeing. W stated that he felt he had purpose again.

Our support helps people look forward not back.

Meet 'N'

N contacted our Money Advice service with concerns about her monthly budget and increasing debts. Due to Covid-19, her working hours had been reduced, and she had fallen behind with her rent payments. Although unable to be evicted during the pandemic, the Housing Association had gained a court order regarding the rent arrears, and N was struggling to keep to the payment plan.

With the support of our Money Advisor, N was able to maximise the benefits she received, review her utility payment plans, and agree a revised monthly amount on the court order debt. Three months on, N confirmed she was maintaining her budget commitments.

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Meet 'T, B & J'

T, B & J are all known to our Advice Hub, and live separately in temporary accommodation. They would each attend the Centre at the weekend, to socialise with others and have lunch. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic this had to stop.

Through regular phone contact, T, B & J all stated they were struggling with isolation and low mood during the lockdowns. We were able to provide "boredom packs" to support their wellbeing, and as restrictions allowed, invited each to a weekend "coffee and chat" session. 

Staying connected has proved more important this year than ever before.

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