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The Chapman Centre provides a daily point of human contact, it’s a hub for social interaction, practical support and engaging advice.

As we adapt to the effects of the pandemic, our main priority is the health and safety of the people we meet and our team of staff and volunteers. We know lockdown has been incredibly difficult for everyone and especially for those who are struggling financially or who are at risk of losing the safety of a roof over their heads. The services provided by The Chapman Centre will remain available during this time. However, where possible, we will provide as much support as we can via the telephone and will offer one to one appointments where it is safe to do so. Your care and safety remains our priority, as does that of our staff.

We believe in action and in supporting people to take action to help themselves. Action to provide everyday essentials when life becomes too much.

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We help with practical support:

  • Washing & showering facilities
  • A postal address service
  • Food & toiletries provision

We offer advice and support:

  • Health & welfare advice
  • Housing & beneļ¬t advice
  • Active support for job applications and health provision
Talk through your finances over a cup of coffee
Mindfulness colouring to help reduce anxiety

Beyond practical advice, we also offer:

  • Outreach workers
  • Social interaction and mental wellbeing
  • A chance to be creative

The Chapman Centre is also a hub for supporting partners providing employment, education, housing advice, mental health support and general health advice.

The Chapman Centre in Ipswich home to the outreach workers for ihag homeless charity

Find out more about the important work undertaken by the team at The Chapman Centre.

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We look forward to the day we can gather socially again. In the meantime, please contact us if you are in need of practical or emotional support.