ihAg (Ipswich Housing Action Group)

More than just a homeless charity

Between April 2022 and March 2023, ihAg supported 3,182 local people facing the realities of having no safe space to call home - thats a 88% increase on the previous year.

We offered a confidential space and listening ear to uncover the personal circumstances that lead each person to homelessness.

We provided showers and hot food and drink to those who called doorways, graveyards, and park benches home for the night, and gave them clean clothes and an address to collect their post from.

We provided advice and support with money management skills, to help people get back on their feet.

We supported people to apply to the Local Authority for emergency and temporary accommodation.

We worked with health, addiction, and other support agencies to make sure their basic human needs were met.

We gave advice and guidance to everyone who came to our door for help. Together with them, we have changed lives

"I lost everything. My home. My mind. My hope. Every day was hard, just trying to stay warm, find food. Nights were the longest, so alone. Then I found you."

Read J's story:  from fear, loss, and homelessness, to gratitude and hopefulness.

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There remain many misconceptions about homelessness. 

We've worked with our partner Suffolk Building Society, to raise awareness about the realities of homelessness in our home town of Ipswich.

Hear more from Jools Ramsey-Palmer, ihAg’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Thank you for all your support this year, and giving me hope that there is a future for me .”

Find out how ihAg helped ‘W’ after he moved to a room in an ihAg house.

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Good money management is a skill that everyone needs during a cost of living crisis.

Our advisors can support you with day to day money skills, helping you to budget well and balance the demands of food, rent, and heating 

We know that no-one chooses to sleep rough. But this can feel like the only option for some. 

Our Outreach workers are out early every morning looking for people who are bedded down, so they can offer breakfast, showers, and a safe space to access other support services

We believe everyone has the right to a safe space to call home.

That's why we are working hard to increase the amount of accommodation we manage, to ensure more people have access to affordable housing.

Whilst we are committed to ending homelessness, we know that this is not something we can achieve without help.

We are proud to work with other partner agencies across Suffolk, and are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from individuals, community groups, schools, faith groups and businesses in and around Ipswich.

Every single donation makes a huge difference to someone who is homeless. Whether you give time, money or goods, you are also sharing hope and kindness. Thank you so much.