ihAg (Ipswich Housing Action Group)

More than just a homeless charity

When basic needs, such as warmth, food, belongings, company and a place to call home are at risk, we can help. Whether it’s money advice, supported housing for single people, signposting to other support organisations or a simple hello, we are there.

We believe in action. Action against the causes of homelessness. Supporting individuals to take action to help themselves. Action to prevent people losing their homes.

We’ve been taking action since 1976. Our action helps over 3,000 people a year across Ipswich.

"Everything just got on top of me, and I was worried I'd lose my home. Asking for help was hard, but I'm glad I did.”

Find out how ihAg helped ‘N’ after Covid-19 impacted her income ...

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We believe every person should have access to a safe home to call their own, and should receive the right support for them, at the right time, to enable them to maintain their home and achieve a level of independency that is right for them.

Hear more from Jools Ramsey, ihAg’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Being alone in my room for weeks on end was just awful - the boredom packs really helped, and it was great to get back and see your staff at the weekends when it was safe .”

Find out how ihAg helped ‘B’ after he struggled during lockdown.

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With the cost of living crisis deepening, life is getting tougher for every household.

Our Money Advisers are ready to take your call, listen and support you through the worst of times.

The effects of Covid-19 may have changed how we offer support, but all of our services remain open and ready to help people struggling.

Our Outreach workers continue to support people sleeping rough on our streets, and the Advice Team provide a service 7-days a week

We believe everyone has the right to a safe space to call home.

That's why we are working hard to increase the amount of accommodation we manage, to ensure more people have access to affordable housing.

The last two years have shown that life can suddenly become challenging for everyone, and this can result in personal debt and the risk of becoming homeless. At times like this, we know that people need someone who can give no-nonsens advice, support and guidance.

At ihAg, our staff are passionate about supporting people to make sense of what has happened to them, and take steps to get back on their feet. To continue our life changing work beyond helping the homeless, we need your support. Donating time, money or goods can make all the difference to the support we offer.