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Unfortunatley, ihAg does not have any emergency accommodation for people who are street homeless, However, our staff can support you to apply for this from the Local Authority.

ihAg's Housing Services have actively offered accommodation to single people for over 40 years and currently provide rooms for up to 51 people across 13 shared houses in Ipswich. One of these, the Safe House, is for people in recovery from drug use.

Tenants usually stay between 9 and 18 months before being supported to move on to their own accommodation.

Find out more by downloading the factsheet (opens pdf in new window).

The detached or semi-detached houses are located across Ipswich, most close to the town centre. Three to five people live in each house and have individual lockable and furnished bedsits plus a shared kitchen.

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It costs £195 per week to rent a room in one of our houses. There is an additional service charge which contributes towards utilties. Housing Benefit may help towards the rent and we'll support you to complete the application for this and any other benefit you may be entitled to.


Anyone over 18, living as a single person who has nowhere satisfactory to live, or is about to be in this situation, can register for accommodation.

Sadly, not everyone can be housed immediately and we currently cannot provide support for people who have high or complex needs.

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To access any Housing Related Supported accommodation, including our houses, the first step is to register with Suffolk County Council's HRS Access System. We are happy to help you register and are constantly checking the system to see if we can help anyone listed.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our housing or would like help with the application process.

A new home is a mix of emotions - exciting and daunting. A member of the housing team will offer regular key work sessions, to help with settling in and support with independent living skills. For example, managing money, maintaining a tenancy and preparing to move on.

House Placeholder

The accommodation managed by ihAg is not a long-term solution. When residents are ready to manage their own tenancy, a more permanent solution is found, usually from social housing or the private rented sector. Occasionally moving to another shared house with diļ¬€erent support may provide a better option.

Find out more by downloading the factsheet (opens pdf in new window).