The Chapman Centre to reopen

Following the Government’s announcement, the team at ihAg have set ourselves the goal of reopening The Chapman Centre to pre-booked appointments for anyone in need of support from Monday 12 April.

When basic needs, such as warmth, food, company and a place to call home are at risk, ihAg can help. Whether it’s money advice, supported housing, signposting to other organisations or a simple hello, we are there.

Central to this is The Chapman Centre, providing a point of human contact and a hub for social interaction, practical support and engaging advice. Face to face appointments are currently our best opportunity to support those who need our help.

To help us achieve our goal, we would like to ask for your help.

As we adapt to the effects of the pandemic, our main priority is the health of the people we meet and our team of staff and volunteers. To meet safely, we need PPE. Could you help with the extra cost by donating online or by supplying any surplus PPE you may currently hold.

We welcome gifts of hand sanitiser, gloves and masks direct to the Centre. All we ask is to call in advance to ensure we’re available to collect your kind donation.

To continue our life changing work, we need your support. Donating time, money or goods can make all the diļ¬€erence.

Thank you.

The Chapman Centre in Ipswich home to the outreach workers for ihag homeless charity