ihAg Ltd is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (Charity number 1107841, Company number 5268499) which works closely with many organisations and agencies to deliver its services.

As well as its paid staff, volunteers play an active role. The Trustees are the Directors of the company and form the voluntary management committee.  We always welcome more expertise.

The Trustees – (click on their names for more information)


Chair Toni Lancaster   Vice Chair Tom Jell
Treasurer Jeremy Hennell James   Member Elaine Webb
Member Tracy Murphy   Member Dan Bristow
Member Chris McEwen Member Gemma Bloomfield
Member David Jackson  

Trustee Recruitment

Do you want to make a difference to people whose lives have fallen apart and who don’t know where else to turn to?  Why not help run a homelessness Charity by becoming a Trustee?

Homelessness is still an issue and, with changes to the benefit system and cuts in public spending, we find our services are needed just as much as when we first started working in Ipswich in the 1970s.  Volunteering for ihAg as a Trustee doesn’t need to take a lot of time (three or four hours a month) and is very rewarding.

ihAg has a strong commitment to campaigning on behalf of single homeless people, and has links with a wide range of organisations, both local and national.  As well as the 43 salaried staff, ihAg relies on a voluntary management committee of Trustees to oversee the charity’s practice, strategic direction and spending.  It is serious and unpaid work but, at its simplest, all you need is life experience, a commitment to the interests of single homeless people and a bit of time to spare (about one evening a month).

If you think this may be something you would like to get involved in, then please use the Contact Form to contact us for more details.  We will send you a briefing on being a Trustee of ihAg and put you in touch with the Chair or the Director if you would like to discuss the matter further.  We are keen to reflect the ethnic and gender balance of our client group in our staff and trustee groups; to this end we are actively seeking interest from minority ethnic groups.

We look forward to hearing from you.

A group photo of the Trustees meeting