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The Chapman Centre was previously known as the Community Resource Centre (CRC) managed by the Ipswich Umbrella Trust.  In March 2014 ihAg took over CRC and re-named it the Chapman Centre after Samuel Belcher Chapman who lived in Ipswich from 1822 to 1880. He was a generous philanthropist, founding the Girl’s Industrial Home (1857 – 1921) in Black Horse Lane. The Centre is located at the intersection of Black Horse Lane and Chapman Lane.

Today the Chapman Centre is rapidly becoming the well used homelessness hub for the Ipswich locality providing services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as well as those individuals that need more help than is offered by other mainstream services.

As well as providing support and advice, the Centre hosts the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership (ILHP), an active network of over 40 providers and agencies who are working together to meet the needs of vulnerable and marginalised people in Ipswich.

Upstairs at the Centre, there is a large, modern, spacious and well equipped conference room – the Fern Room – which is available to hire by groups and agencies.

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What services are available?

Advice and Healthcare Services
For more details on these services please see the ‘Day & Advice Services’ section.

The Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership (ILHP)
The overarching aim of the ILHP is to ensure that there is a strategic, co-ordinated and effective approach to all aspects of homelessness, its causes and effects within the Ipswich area.

The Locality Manager, apart form managing the Locality’s networks and other activiites, also directly overseas three Locality services, the Assertive Street Outreach Service, the Move-on Group (MOG) and the Multi-Agency Referral and Access Panel (MARA).

The Assertive Street Outreach Service responds to information sent to the service about people seen sleeping on the streets as well as being pro-active in searching out individuals that may be in need of support and help and referring them to Advice and Health services at the Centre.

The MARA Panel comprises of a range of hostel, health and social care providers who meet monthly to agree a unified approach for some Service Users.

The MOG is made up of all the supported accommodation providers and IBC’s Housing Team who collectively discuss and allocate the move-on needs of their tenants.

For more details on all services please contact the Locality Manager on 01473 639 040 or by email: or visit their website at

The Fern Room
This conference room, named in recognition of Cllr Roger Fern who has been a tireless campaigner for improving services for homeless people in Ipswich, is upstairs in the Centre and is available to hire between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Fridays.  The room is equipped with a SMART Board and projector, has wi-fi and coffee/tea making facilities.  The tables and chairs can be set out to suit your requirements and can accommodate at least 30 people.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Centre using the contact form or by calling 01473 232 426

Volunteering at the Chapman Centre
If you would like to volunteer at the Centre please enquire at the Centre or email

The Chapman Centre gratefully accepts a whole range of donations (but not fresh foods or clothing).  Please contact us for an up to date donations list.

Client Stories

John has been accessing the centre for many years. He has mental health issues as well as drug and alcohol addiction. His behaviour at one point was incredibly disruptive, abusive and inappropriate; no other agencies in Ipswich were prepared to work with him.

Staff at the centre never gave up and over time John started to trust them enough to realise that they were there to help. With many twists and turns on his journey, he was able to secure appropriate welfare benefits and sustain his own accommodation after 17 years of rough sleeping.

Mia came into the centre a few months ago when she was sleeping in a friend’s garage. With our help she was able to get a National Insurance number, sort out her benefits find a better place to live.

Sonia was originally claiming Jobseekers Allowance when she started to engage with the Centre. However, she was frequently being sanctioned by the Jobcentre for not satisfying her Job Seeker Agreement requirements. We were able to contact Ipswich Jobcentre on her behalf and explain that she was currently not in a position to work and negotiated a new Claimant Commitment that included targets such us engaging with one of our support workers. She has started to attend the Meaningful Activity sessions which is helping raise her confidence and self esteem.

“Thank you to all the volunteers for taking the time to cook for us and the staff for always giving a helping hand…….”