David Jackson, Probationary Trustee

David Jackson, Trustee

Personal Information:


I was born a Yorkshireman, grew up in The Lakes and Kent. After a couple of drinks you will hear the accent wander.I moved to Ipswich from Kent for work 20 years ago initially to stay for 6 months, I met my future wife and as they say the rest is history. I have a love of music, reading, exercise and nearly anything involving water frozen or liquid, colliding with the liquid version is more forgiving than the frozen.
Work / profession / skills: I have worked in Internationals Sales for the last 20 years in lighting and audio. I have worked in large, medium and small companies.  I bring a broad range of commercial business experience to ihAg covering sales, marketing, management and board level.  The company I currently work for is of a similar size to ihAg.
“Why did I volunteer to be an ihAg trustee?”: Ipswich has been very welcoming to me over these last 20 years and I wanted to be able to give something back to a community that has given me so much.

Why ihAg?Through no fault of my own I was very close to becoming homeless myself, I know how quickly it could happen and I want to be able to positively assist a charity that is helping those that could so easily have been me.