Dan Bristow, Trustee

Personal Information:


I was born in the UK but, having spent a third of my life in Australia, I am a dual citizen and have the good fortune to have an EU passport and an Australian one – very handy at avoiding airport queues! My family is mainly in Australia, too. I have never been married but have lived with my partner for 10 years since returning from Australia. I have a passion for motorcycles and spent 18 months touring the USA and Australia on one when I was a young man. My current Ducati is my pride and joy. I used to play, and am still a fan of, rugby and my partner and I were fortunate to get to 10 games when the World Cup came to England. I am a fan of football too though, as a supporter of Charlton Athletic, that wouldn’t be immediately obvious.
Work / profession / skills:


Since 1992, I have worked in the field of social care, mainly as the manager of projects which look to advise or assist vulnerable groups of people. These groups have included offenders, homeless people, people with mental health issues and family carers. All of this work has been done in the third sector so I feel I have an understanding of ihAg’s client group and the pressures and restrictions on small charities. I worked for ihAg for a couple of years as the first Money Adviser and have been a keen supporter of ihAg’s Money Advice Service. I am currently a Business Contracts Manager for Home Group.
“Why did I volunteer to be an ihAg trustee?”:



I had maintained contact with Halford when I lived in Australia. Whilst there I undertook an accounting degree and, when I returned in 2007, Halford persuaded me that my experience of ihAg and my recent studies would make me an ideal treasurer – he sounded desperate…  I feel privileged to be able to assist the homeless people of Ipswich in this small way.